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2009 ACA Meeting, July 25 - 30, 2009, Sheraton City Centre Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada :

Crossing the USA Border into Canada

9th Oct 2008 News flash: Porter Airlines is going to start flights from Chicago (Midway) to Toronto downtown (Island) airport. This would be a good option for anyone coming from Chicagoland or surrounding areas

Non-US nationals working in the US should be able to attend the meeting and return to the US but they are advised to fully understand the travel restrictions associated with their US Visa and to be sure to get and re-entry documents that might be needed.

Non-US nationals working in the US are strongly advised to understand fully the travel restrictions associated with their US Visa (especially re-entry).

Please read "Traveling from the United States" on the US National Academy of Sciences website

Draft Pre-Meeting Travel Tips (circa July 2008)

Note: U.S. citizens going to Canada will need one of these by next June 2009

Document                   Price  Who should get it

Enhanced driver's license   $80   New York drivers who visit Canada regularly but 
                                  don't go overseas

U.S. passport card          $45   Travelers who visit Canada from states that don't 
                                  offer enhanced drivers licenses   

U.S. passport              $100   Anyone who travels overseas beyond Canada, Mexico 
                                  and the Caribbean

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